This software has been developed in the free time as a private application for educational reasons and only a bit limited (but fully functional) release is freely available to the public.

Since Desktop Window Manager does not provide any official support for its extensibility, this Aero Glass extension internally uses many undocumented techniques to achieve the desired effect. Although these techniques have been developed precisely with an emphasis on stability, performance and compatibility, it may happen that some future Windows update will break it. The developer cannot ensure that this Aero Glass extension will be fully functional in such case but he will do its best to make it work as soon as possible.

If you are interested in the future development of this small utility and you would like to motivate the developer to spend his free time on fixing bugs and providing the compatibility with the future Windows updates, you can support the Aero Glass community, e.g. by creating your custom theme atlas file or by sending a donation via PayPal. By donation you agree with the following statements: You will get a thankful e-mail several minutes after your donation. If you don't get the e-mail, check your spambox and read MSFN forum.